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NMS West Hills
NMS West Hills

5 Hidden Gem Restaurants You Can Walk To From NMS West Hills

5 Hidden Gem Restaurants You Can Walk To From NMS West Hills

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NMS West Hills is a popular place for singles, students, and young professionals because it offers a wide range of amenities and a great, central location. NMS West Hills has furnished and unfurnished apartments, a pool, a spa, and on-site laundry facilities. But residents also love it because it’s within walking distance to some of the coolest, quirkiest, local restaurants and bars in the area.  


Here are five hidden gem restaurants you can walk to from NMS West Hills: 


New York Chicken & Gyro 

What started as a family-owned and operated Hallal restaurant in New York has grown into a Los Angles favorite, offering flavorful dishes made with fresh local ingredients. The gyros are huge and stuffed with your choice of protein, lettuce, tomato, and their famous white sauce. The burgers are giant and come with steaming hot seasoned fries, and their platters are a great option when you’re trying to feel a crowd.  


New York Chicken & Gyro is a seven-minute walk from NMS West Hills.  



Baba Sweets 

Don't let the fact that Baba Sweets doesn't have a website deter you from walking over and checking it out. It's not uncommon to see a line out the door of this unassuming restaurant on Saticoy St. Known for their Indian sweets and main dishes that span the regions of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Baba Sweets is a unique restaurant run by a dedicated team of professional chefs and cooks. If you love Indian food, like real, authentic, flavorful Indian food, you’ll love this cozy hidden gem. 


Baba Sweets is an 18-minute walk from NMS West Hills 


2 Die For Sushi 

2 Die For Sushi is unassuming and on the outside, could be described as unimpressive. But inside it’s a different story. Sit in the plush booths or grab a table outside and peruse the detailed menu. Professional chefs roll each roll by hand, and it comes to the table looking like a masterpiece. Each plate is carefully and artistically put together with fresh ingredients and flavorful sauces. Whether you stick with traditional sushi rolls like the California roll or the Salmon Mango Citrus Roll or try something new like the Deep-Fried Spicy Cali with Shrimp Sushi, you’ll want to take a picture of it before you break out your chopsticks and dive in.  


2 Die For Sushi is a seven-minute walk from NMS West Hills.  


Tacos Reyes 

Tacos Reyes is a cozy hole-in-the-wall with a few tables and bright yellow walls. The aroma of Mexican food hits you right when you walk in, and the friendly staff is always ready to take your order and get to work. People love this little spot because it consistently offers authentic tacos, burritos, and sides. Regulars rave about the huge portions, and the carne asada burrito and shrimp quesadillas are local favorites.  


Taco Reyes is a six-minute walk from NMS West Hills 


The Rabbit Hole 

The Rabbit Hole is a local bar themed after Alice in Wonderland. Inside you’ll find a checkerboard floor, black lights, pool tables, comfortable couches, and decor inspired by the book. When the sun goes down, a strict dress code is enforced which prohibits wearing workout clothes, sweatpants, oversized t-shirts, dirty clothes, and sagging pants. This unique neighborhood bar is known for creative cocktails that are as strong as they are beautiful.  


Prices are a little steep and the website might give you a headache, but it's a cool place to celebrate a special occasion or just get away from some of the more formal bars in the valley.  


The Rabbit Hole is a 14-minute walk from NMS West Hills 


Bottom Line 

Residents love NMS West Hills because it offers spacious suites and apartments that are close to restaurants, shops, bars, grocery stores, parks, and salons. If being close to everything is important to you when choosing an apartment to rent in San Fernando Valley, schedule a tour of NMS West Hills today!  

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