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4 Thanksgiving Traditions To Enjoy In The San Fernando Valley

4 Thanksgiving Traditions To Enjoy In The San Fernando Valley

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and like the rest of the nation, the residents of NMS West Hills are busily planning for the holiday. Besides giving thanks for blessings and enjoying the company of family and friends, the centerpiece of the day is the traditional sumptuous feasting. But what is everyone to do while waiting for dinner to be served, or while digesting it all when it's done? You need an activity, something that gets your gathering away from the West Hills Apartments and out into the beautiful surrounding area and the local sites and attractions for some fun, excitement, and calorie-burning exercise. Here are four great ideas for new Thanksgiving traditions in the San Fernando Valley. 


Claremont Turkey Trot 

Now in its 15th year, the Claremont Sunrise Rotary Turkey Trot has firmly established itself as a Thanksgiving tradition for NMS West Hills residents. Starting in Claremont Village, this 5K run winds through the picturesque campus of the Claremont Colleges and into the quaint tree-lined surrounding neighborhoods. There’s a 1K run for kids, and you can even participate virtually if you wish. It’s a fun and healthy event for the whole family. 


Lightscape at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden 

Although this is a fairly new holiday attraction at the famous LA arboretum and gardens, it has already gained international recognition for its artistic innovation and impressive technical design. Expanded and improved for the 2022 season, visitors will be treated to a spectacular display of light, color, art, music, and sound on a wonderful journey culminating in the dazzling Winter Cathedral. Appropriate for all ages and truly not to be missed. 


L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow 

Not to be outdone by the local flora, the fauna gets into action at the Los Angeles Zoo with Animals Aglow, a traditional kickoff to the holiday season in the city. This year features new and expanded displays with the Wild Wonderland, Twinkle Tunnel, Disco Ball Forest, and many more sights, including spectacular lantern sculptures and animated constellations featuring the wild animal residents of the zoo and an immersive, self-guided tour through the park. 


The Nethercutt Museum 

If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving that’s a little more laid back and relaxed as well as educational, look no further than the remarkable Nethercutt Museum. J.B. Nethercutt spent a lifetime acquiring this collection of more than 250 antique American and European classic cars, rare musical instruments, and valuable antique furniture. Each piece, including all the cars, has been restored to its original condition. Many of the cars and other pieces were once owned by royalty, movie stars, and other famous people. There's also a restored vintage railroad steam locomotive engine and railcar on display. An interesting and informative way to spend a Thanksgiving afternoon with the family. 

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time that residents of West Hills Apartments can enjoy interesting and fun things to do in the San Fernando Valley. You’ll find plenty of great dining, bars, salons, shopping, parks, and nightlife in the surrounding area, along with great neighbors and a wide variety of amenities to enjoy along with your new home. You’ll never be bored when you live here. Check out our fully furnished co-living suites and spacious traditional apartments firsthand and up close by scheduling a tour of NMS West Hills today! 


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