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5 Nerdy Things To Do In LA

5 Nerdy Things To Do In LA

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If you’re a self-proclaimed nerd and want to find people who are into what you’re into, San Fernando Valley is a great place to live. This bustling city is known for its iconic movie sets, museums, and TV and music production companies. Science and technology are deeply woven into the fabric of San Fernando Valley, Making it a hotspot for those who considered themselves part of the geek community. 


If you're looking to channel your inner nerd and find your community, check out some of these places in and around LA: 


Playland Arcade 

The cool thing about the Playland Arcade on the Santa Monica Pier is it brings all types of people together. Whether you're just there to play a few of your favorite childhood games, or you're committed to beating the all-time high score in Pacman, arcade game lovers can find where they belong here. Some of the most popular games here include Skee-ball, Halo, Luigi's Mansion, Angry Birds, Jurassic Park, and Air Hockey.  


Work up a sweat and work on your dance moves by playing DDR, or try all of the vintage games, earn points and cash them in for a prize!  


Hobbit Houses 

If you are a film geek, you'll love spending the afternoon in Culver City exploring one of LA’s nerdiest curiosities: Hobbit Houses of Los Angeles. It took a creative Walt Disney Studio artist 20 years to build this unique project. The row of houses looks like they've been stolen from a fairy tale, with shingled roofs, twisted chimneys, and all of the details of a classic Disney cottage. Movie buffs will appreciate the fact that these Charming Hobbit homes are a part of Hollywood history, as they've been the home for actors like Gwen Verdon and Nick Nolte.  


This is private property so you can't meander through the home, but it's a cool place to take pictures and imagine what it would be like to live as the Hobbits do. 


One Up 

While the Playland Arcade is a family-friendly vintage video game experience, One Up takes the love of video games up a notch. One Up combines the ambiance and sophistication of a gastropub with the classic vibes of an '80s arcade. Here you can enjoy signature cocktails, an extensive menu of elevated bar food, cold draft beers, and an endless list of vintage and modern arcade games that are free for customers.  


Nerdy Meetups 

A quick Google search of nerd meetups in LA will result in a long list of activities, clubs, meetups, and events designed specifically for those in the geek community. You can find groups of people and clubs throughout LA who meet regularly to discuss everything from anime and film history to science theories, comics, video games, and cosplay. Whether you're a Harry Potter fanatic, super into star wars, or passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, there are fan clubs and groups throughout LA and the San Fernando Valley dedicated to bringing nerds together over a common interest. 


Scum and Villainy Cantina   

Scum and Villainy Cantina is a self-proclaimed geek bar, a place where lovers of sci-fi and fantasy movies can enjoy food, drinks, and deep conversations about the movies, actors, and sci-fi books that they love. Costumed bartenders sling signature cocktails all night, and since the bar doesn't have windows or TVs, it allows geeks to be fully immersed in the intergalactic experience. The strict no-bullying policy creates a safe space where sci-fi lovers can escape reality, meet new friends, and feel at home.  


The Bottom Line 

Everyone can find a place that they belong in San Fernando Valley. This vibrant and inclusive city is great for foodies, gamers, students, entrepreneurs, small families, nature lovers, athletes, influencers, and everybody in between. If you're still looking for an apartment to rent in San Fernando Valley, take a virtual tour of NMS West Hills today!

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