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Cleaning Hacks for Apartment Living: Keeping Your Space Tidy Without Spending Hours Doing It

Cleaning Hacks for Apartment Living: Keeping Your Space Tidy Without Spending Hours Doing It

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One of the reasons so many busy students and professionals love apartment living is that it gives them all of the comforts of home without a ton of space to clean. Because apartments are smaller than traditional houses, it can feel like they get messier and more cluttered more often. 


We've put together a few handy tricks and tips for keeping your apartment clean and tidy throughout the week so you don't have to spend your entire weekend cleaning. Keeping a clean house comes down to convenience. If you make it easy for yourself, you'll be more prone to stick to your cleaning routine, develop good habits, and create a space that is safe, inviting, and enjoyable  


Use a Cleaning Schedule 

One of the best ways to keep your apartment clean is to come up with a cleaning schedule. If you live on your own, the cleaning of the apartment is solely your responsibility. If you live with roommates, you'll need to come up with a cleaning plan so that everyone knows what they're responsible for. Some people prefer to create a handwritten cleaning schedule and tape it to their refrigerator, While others prefer using cleaning apps that can be downloaded to their phones. 


Break down your cleaning schedule by things that need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. Here are a few examples of how you could organize a cleaning schedule  


Daily Tasks 

  • Wash the dishes 

  • Make your bed 

  • Take out the trash 

  • Wipe down surfaces 

  • Sweep high traffic are 

  • Pick up the clutter and make sure everything is in its place  


Weekly Tasks 

  • Clean the bathroom 

  • Laundry 

  • Dust 

  • Mop and vacuum 

  • Clean out fridge 

  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets, appliances, and backsplash 

  • Clean mirrors and windows 


Monthly Tasks 

  • Clean the oven, microwave, and fridge 

  • Wash curtains and drapes 

  • Deep clean carpets and rugs 

  • Clean and organize closets and drawers 

  • Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, and air vents 

  • Dust and wipe down baseboards and molding 


When you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, you can stay on top of cleaning tasks throughout the week so that it doesn't feel overwhelming  


Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy 

Another way to help you stick to your cleaning schedule is to make sure you have all of your cleaning supplies handy. Using a caddy or cleaning tote to store all of your supplies helps you stay organized and makes it easier to move from room to room when you're cleaning. Some of the essentials you should have in your cleaning caddy include: 


  • Paper towels 

  • All purpose cleaner 

  • Window cleaner 

  • Baking soda 

  • Vinegar 

  • Microfiber cloths 

  • And trash bags.  


Keep your caddy underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink so it's out of the way but still easy to access on cleaning day. 


Make Your Bed Every Morning 

An unmade bed can make an otherwise clean room look unorganized. Making your bed each morning is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll, “participants who reported regularly making their bed were 19% more likely to say that they got a good night's sleep most nights. This is because they are falling asleep in a tidy, organized bedroom. 75% also said that clean, fresh sheets improved their quality of sleep.” 


Use The Laundry Basket Trick 

Each day, go around your house with an empty laundry basket and fill it with things that need to be put away. This trick allows you to quickly declutter the entire apartment and then put things away room by room. A lot of the time, an apartment feels messy or crowded because of the unnecessary clutter. Ending your day with this laundry basket trick will allow you to wake up to a clean and organized apartment every morning.  


Be A Good Roommate 

If you are sharing an apartment with others, it's vital that you clean up after yourself. This means doing your dishes right away, unloading the dishwasher when it's full, keeping your laundry and belongings in your room, and cleaning up any messes that you make.  


As you settle into your new apartment, sit down with your roommates and talk about expectations regarding cleaning. When everyone is on the same page, you avoid conflict and confusion. If you don't mind living in a messy bedroom, that's fine. But shared features and spaces like the refrigerator, the laundry areas, and the bathrooms should be carefully maintained at all times. 


Consider A Co-Living Suite 

There are many perks to living in a co-living suite, including free professional cleaning of the common areas. In a co-living suite, you have your own private bedroom but share the common areas. These areas are cleaned by professionals, which means you only have to worry about your personal space. And the best part is, this professional cleaning service is included in your rent!  


Bottom Line 

There are a lot of perks to living in an apartment, including not having that much space to clean. By being intentional each day and throughout the week, you can avoid an overwhelmingly messy apartment and just spend minutes a day tidying up and making your apartment feel warm and welcoming. If you're still looking for an apartment to rent in San Fernando Valley, take a virtual tour of NMS West Hills today.

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